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Equine Care, Company and Excercise by Pets Outdoors




Equine Services include:


Pets Outdoors are able to provide care for your horses and / or ponies, coupled with affection and attention, whilst you are away or at work or simply short of time. We are happy to offer a regular service or equally as happy to help on an 'as and when required' basis.


I have worked in the UK and Overseas for over ten years as a sole charge Groom and I am qualified to BHS Stage 2 and PTT.


With plenty of experience under our belts, we offer the following services:

Our services are tailored to the individual requirements of each horse, however to provide you with a guide our care service will include the following:-


  • AM – Feed, groom, rug change, turnout, muck out, hay
  • PM – Bed down, bring in, groom, rug change, feed
  • Half Day Care is available upon request
  • Field Care

This package can include either one or two visits per day during which we will thoroughly check your horse for any abnormalities and will pick out feet. The field perimeter will be inspected for damage to fencing and any other potential hazards. Where possible these will be repaired. Field water troughs will be cleaned and the field receives 30 minutes of muck removal. Hay, hard feed and rug changes will be carried out as instructed.



Riding – tacking horse up in specified tack, riding horse/pony for specified exercise and untacking, where necessary sponging off sweat marks and cooling off.

Waiting Service, including Farrier, Vet and Dentist etc.


Just like humans your horse requires regular health check-ups. Rather than taking a day’s annual leave please allow us to step in. We will guarantee to be at your stables 15 minutes before the appointment. And in the event that your specialist is running ahead of schedule we will, the day before the appointment provide him/her with our mobile telephone number so they can advise us accordingly.

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