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Dogs Walking, Care and Company by Pets Outdoors




Pets Outdoors are able to provide a variety of services to ensure your dogs needs are looked after whilst you are working, away for the day or simply busy with other commitments.


As a general rule, dogs should not be left on their own for more than 4 hours at a time. Often, when left for long periods, problems can occur - destructive behavior, chewing the furniture, barking and separation anxiety.There is lots of useful advice on websites such as the Blue Cross and RSPCA about managing separation anxiety. Pets Outdoors will assist you in every way we can to ensure your dogs are happy and content.


By taking dogs for a walk during the day, it provides the necessary stimulation and exercise required to fulfil a dog’s need for social interaction, leading to a happier, more satisfied pet.


Making use of the many areas found locally, our dog walking aims to give your dog a stimulating and enjoyable walk in a safe environment. These can be individual visits for your dog(s) and or multi walks, with up to six dogs at a time transported in a safe vehicle fitted with dog safety harness and dog guards.Two out of the six are normally my two joining in on the fun.

Every dog has different needs depending on their age, breed and size. Here at Pets Outdoors, we can provide your dog with specific needs.


Dog Walkiing and Services include:

  • Maximum of six dogs handled at any one time ( two are normally my two and I would only walk six if they are all really happy together)
  • One-two hours of exercise (less for older dogs, as required by arrangement)
  • Puppy socialization and walks
  • Off lead exercise (Only with owners specific permission and when we are totally comfortable with the dogs recall)
  • Quick ones (Half hour walks straight from your home)
  • One-to-one dog walking available
  • Basic training reinforcement (sit, stay, heel, come, down)
  • Regular and occasional dog walking available
  • Yard and garden de-pooping
  • Weekly walkies bundles
  • Dog day care and boarding (Limited service so advanced booking absolutely essential)

Pets Outdoors can offer a limited day care and boarding service for when you want a little more care and company. Day care service is only available to those clients in Exmouth. We operate 7 days a week and collect 12.15/12.30pm and return 5.15/5.30pm. With Advanced booking we can offer a full days day care collecting at 8-8.30am however this is limited due to morning commitments..We can only accept small and medium sized dogs, Labs etc . We are licensed for more dogs but will only book up to 3 dogs at any one time as we want your dogs to get that personal service and have enough space to chill.


To be considered for day care and boarding, dogs must be well behaved and happy with other dogs as they will have close interaction with our own dogs and join in on the daily walks. Your dog must be up to date with vaccinations.

Please see our Ts and Cs for details.  

We will keep your beloved pooches with us the whole time.Your dog will receive lots of fun stimulating walks in different locations and lots of play and interaction and cuddles from Cassie and Shaun. Lots of contact can be made with you whilst you're away from your dog including texts, pictures and videos to you and online.

You are more than welcome to inspect our home and meet our dogs before considering this service.If you require any other arrangements, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss them.


For the safety of everyone, including your dog, it is required that he/she is sociable and friendly on and off the lead with other dogs, adults and children.


Bitches in season will not be walked in a group but can be walked individually


Puppy and Elderly Dog Visits


Our puppy and elderly pet care service offers you units of time during the day to visit your dog(s) at home. During the visit we walk your dog or puppy, play, and if required help with ongoing training, toileting breaks, etc., along with, of course, lots of TLC

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