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Dogs; Cats; Horses; House Sitting:



Pets Outdoors are able to provide a variety of services to ensure your dogs needs are looked after whilst you are working, away for the day or simply busy with other commitments.


As a general rule, dogs should not be left on their own for more than 4 hours at a time. Often, when left for long periods, problems can occur - destructive behavior, chewing the furniture, barking and separation anxiety.There is lots of useful advice on websites such as the Blue Cross and RSPCA about managing separation anxiety. Pets Outdoors will assist you in every way we can to ensure your dogs are happy and content.


By taking dogs for a walk during the day, it provides the necessary stimulation and exercise required to fulfil a dog’s need for social interaction, leading to a happier, more satisfied pet.


Making use of the many areas found locally, our dog walking aims to give your dog a stimulating and enjoyable walk in a safe environment. These can be individual visits for your dog(s) and or multi walks, with up to six dogs at a time transported in a safe vehicle fitted with dog safety harness and dog guards.Two out of the six are normally my two joining in on the fun.

Every dog has different needs depending on their age, breed and size. Here at Pets Outdoors, we can provide your dog with specific needs.


Dog Walkiing and Services include:


  • Maximum of six dogs handled at any one time (two are normally my two and I would only walk six if they are all really happy together)
  • One-two hours of exercise (less for older dogs, as required by arrangement)
  • Puppy socialization and walks
  • Off lead exercise (Only with owners specific permission and when we are totally comfortable with the dogs recall)
  • Quick ones (Half hour walks straight from your home)
  • One-to-one dog walking available
  • Basic training reinforcement (sit, stay, heel, come, down)
  • Regular and occasional dog walking available
  • Yard and garden de-pooping
  • Weekly walkies bundles
  • Dog day care and boarding (Limited service so advanced booking absolutely essential)

Pets Outdoors can offer a limited day care and boarding service for when you want a little more care and company. Day care service is only available to those clients in Exmouth. We operate 7 days a week and collect 12.15/12.30pm and return 5.15/5.30pm. With Advanced booking we can offer a full days day care collecting at 8-8.30am however this is limited due to morning commitments..We can only accept small and medium sized dogs. We are licensed for more dogs but will only book up to 4 dogs at any one time as we want your dogs to get that personal service and have enough space to chill.


To be considered for day care and boarding, dogs must be well behaved and happy with other dogs as they will have close interaction with our own dogs and join in on the daily walks. We cannot accept Female dogs in season.

We will keep your beloved pooches with us the whole time. You are more than welcome to inspect our home and meet our dogs before considering this service. If you require any other arrangements, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss them.


For the safety of everyone, including your dog, it is required that he/she is sociable and friendly on and off the lead with other dogs, adults and children.


Puppy and Elderly Dog Visits


Our puppy and elderly pet care service offers you units of time during the day to visit your dog(s) at home. During the visit we walk your dog or puppy, play, and if required help with ongoing training, toileting breaks, etc., along with, of course, lots of TLC.




Equine Services include:


Pets Outdoors are able to provide care for your horses and / or ponies, coupled with affection and attention, whilst you are away or at work or simply short of time. We are happy to offer a regular service or equally as happy to help on an 'as and when required' basis.


With plenty of experience under our belts, we offer the following services:

Our services are tailored to the individual requirements of each horse, however to provide you with a guide our care service will include the following:-


  • AM – Feed, groom, rug change, turnout, muck out, hay
  • PM – Bed down, bring in, groom, rug change, feed
  • Half Day Care is available upon request
  • Field Care

This package can include either one or two visits per day during which we will thoroughly check your horse for any abnormalities and will pick out feet. The field perimeter will be inspected for damage to fencing and any other potential hazards. Where possible these will be repaired. Field water troughs will be cleaned and the field receives 30 minutes of muck removal. Hay, hard feed and rug changes will be carried out as instructed.



Riding – tacking horse up in specified tack, riding horse/pony for specified exercise and untacking, where necessary sponging off sweat marks and cooling off.

Waiting Service, including Farrier, Vet and Dentist etc.


Just like humans your horse requires regular health check-ups. Rather than taking a day’s annual leave please allow us to step in. We will guarantee to be at your stables 15 minutes before the appointment. And in the event that your specialist is running ahead of schedule we will, the day before the appointment provide him/her with our mobile telephone number so they can advise us accordingly.




Pets Outdoors are happy to accommodate owners that want to leave their cats at home in their own environment, with familiar comforts and smells, particularly with elderly cats and cats that need medication. Cats are very independent and territorial and they don’t relish the idea of change. Our cat sitting service allows clients to go away safe in the knowledge that Pets Outdoors are visiting their cats to feed, clean litter trays if required, play, along with lots of TLC.


Cat services include:


  • Minimum of one visit in 24 hours – 20 minutes per visit
  • Feeding to your requirements
  • Litter trays cleaned
  • Fresh water
  • All bowls cleaned
  • Record sheet
  • Lots of cuddles!


If you would like me to make your home look ‘lived in’ while you are away, I can pick up your mail, open and close curtains and put the bins out

All food and cat litter will need to be provided.


Have Dogs, Cats, Horses and more?  Going away on holidays, weekends, hospital stays? Choose our House Sitting Service.


House Sitting Service includes:


All of the above for all your animals PLUS we will look after your home keep it secure and well maintained whilst you are away.

For more details and an overview of our house sitting service please get in touch for a meet and greet.




Your Pets Outdoors on social media


As part of our personal service, for your peace of mind, we offer a daily update for you on social media.


We can Facebook messenger you privately or Instagram you with a pic of your pet enjoying their cuddles or walk. Just so you can see they are being cared for and well looked after. If you do not want us to use your pets’ pics on social media no problem, just opt out of iPetsOutdoors.

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